Site Reports

MAAWA has a long history of involvement in the research and recording of maritime and underwater cultural heritage (UCH) in various parts of Western Australia since its creation in 1974. With such a rich history, is it too hard to list all that MAAWA has achieved but the following pages document some of our efforts. 
Among many other legacies, MAAWA was involved with the creation of the first underwater shipwreck trail in the Southern Hemisphere, which is located at Rottnest Island. In recent times, using technology such as underwater photogrammetry MAAWA is pioneering the development of a low-cost package intended to facilitate the (3D) recording of underwater sites though the 3DMAPPR project. Finally, beyond direct field work, MAAWA is also passionate about making maritime history more accessible to the general public through initiatives like the ShippwrecksWA app

Over the years, MAAWA has authored a large collection of maritime archaeological site inspection reports for wrecks around Western Australia. A list of the reports can be found here: Download →

Further reports are currently being recovered from the Shipwrecks Museum's archives and it is hoped that this page will be populated with a comprehensive selection these reports. 

You may also find the Western Australian Museum's shipwreck database of interest: